• Formed in the hive and virtully untouched by human hands.
  • Unique "no sticky mess honeycomb"
  • Perfect for cheese and grazing plates.
  • Unheated, untreated - as pure as it gets!


Add Beeswax Nuggets - 80g for $10.


Brings you intoxicating flavours of pure health. A treasure of earthly riches from the blossoms of our bee haven.


Natures pharmacists are the bees. They have stored life-enhancing, delectable flavanoids of honey "nectar of the gods" in perfectly structured comb. A natural delight to be enjoyed.


Our little chemists harvest the incomparable PHOENIX PALM pollen bib "Tree of Life". Scientifically proven hormonal benefits for men and women.


Combined with a plethora of potent of botanicals planted in our apiary gardens, the resulting honeycomb holds extraordinary health, wellbeing and curative properties - esteemed for centuries by herbalists, verified alike by scientific research.


We are proud to offer you our guarantee that our pure honeycomb treats are full of only 100% bee harvested blossom nectar exclusive to Phoenix Lifeforce Bee Haven Herb Garden.


Call farm direct - 0427794674


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  • Why is Phoenix Lifeforce Honey different? rare? beneficial? essential?


    ꝋ This is family-owned, small-batch production honey. Each harvest is unique in its floral combinations and has limited availability. 


    ꝋ We have selected & grown the most beneficial botanical herbs high in antioxidants, flavonoids & antiviral properties for our 'Bee Haven' herb gardens, which nest within an enchanting forest of potent Phoenix Canariensus date palms.


    The Phoenix Palm has been revered for centuries by ayurvedic and middle eastern cultures. Its life-enhancing pollen is extolled in every ancient religious text for having exceptional fertility benefits, aiding the production of male and female sex hormones.


    ꝋ We grow our bees a myriad of healthy healthy herbs, like Leptospermum Polygalifolium, adding "Manuka Power" to our potion, and Anise Hyssop, for its bronchial benefits.


    ꝋ These powerful plants complement their buffet of Mexican Heather, Lemon Balm, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Mustard and much more. Carrying an exquisite and peerless flavour through our honeys.


    ꝋ The bees, “Natures Pharmacists“ combine the nectars of these healthy herbs to produce a rich concentrate of “essential“ herbal properties in their honey.


    ꝋ This peak nutrition negates all need to substitute any sugar supplements. Contrary to common claims, these supplements do make their way into the honeycomb as the bees move stores around the hive.


    ꝋ Just as essential oils are beneficial in topical application, our honey has the advantage of taking these properties into our body to support a healthy microbiome.


    ꝋ These unique herbal honeys support the immune system and are highly remedial for winter ailments - bronchial, colds etc.


    Proudly awarded for 'Quality & Taste' internationally.

    • Heating honey above 40°c as will damage the enzymes and other honey benefits.

    • Do not use if seal is broken.

    • Store away from sunlight.

    • Phoenix Lifeforce honey products are 100% raw and unpasteurized, if your honey begins to crystallise, please be assured this is a natural process and attributable to pure, raw unprocessed honey. To return your honey to liquid form, place your jar in warm water for 15 minutes.

    • No further discounts apply to value packs.