To wind up both the financial year, and a great year of honey harvesting, we are moving our honey stock at NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE-PRICES to make space for our upcoming Spring harvests.


Choose from two wholesale boxes:


Tasty Table Honey Box

A selection of our finest (and international award winning!) herbal table honeys to keep the family's tastebuds pleased and bodies boasting, with some Manuka thrown in for good measure.

VALUED AT $146 NOW $80 - over 40% off

1 x 450g Connoisseur's Blend

1 x 450g Flavonoid Addiction

1 x 450g Anise Hyssop

1 x 450g Manuka 50+


Immune Booster Box

A combination of honeys from bees that have dined on Manuka's medicinal nectar, and further floral flavours found in our bee gardens.

VALUED AT $155 NOW $100 - nearly 40% off

1 x 450g Manuka 165+

1 x 450g Manuka 70+

1 x 450g Flavonoid Addiction Blend

1 x 450g Anise Hyssop


Want more? Or to curate your own combination? Head to our "Inquire" page to order our 8 jar wholesale boxes, let us know your preferred selections, and we will get back to you with a quote including FURTHER DISCOUNTS.


All honey now proudly bottled in Australian made glass.



End of Financial Year Wholesale Boxes

$146.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price