We are offering a range of curated Combo Boxes, each containing a combination of 2 jars of our finest honeys, and bringing you savings of up to 30%.



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A Manuka match to support your family's health through all seasons.

1 x 450g Anise Hyssop & Manuka 50+

1 x 450g Anise Hyssop & Manuka 100+

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A box of bold Manuka blends, balancing both your everyday health maintenance, as well as those days when you need a little extra bolstering.

1 x 450g Connoisseur's Blend

1 x 450g Manuka 70+

SAVE 30%


  • MGO Lab-Tested
  • Unheated, cold-pressed and lightly filtered - no oxidation.
  • Bottled in food-safe glass.


Brings you exquisite flavours that dance on your tastebuds. 

A romance of nectars from the blossoms of our ORGANIC HERBAL BEE HAVEN creates these truly exotic tasting blends, that are bio-active with health benefits to boot.


Complementing this ambrosian elixir, our bees harvest the incomparable PHOENIX PALM pollen bib "Tree of Life".

This precious array of botanicals with individually extraordinary amazing health, wellbeing and curative properties - esteemed for centuries by herbalists, verified alike by scientific research.


We are proud to offer you our guarantee that our pure honeys are100% bee harvested blossom nectar exclusive to Phoenix Lifeforce Bee Haven Herb Garden.


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Duo Boxes - 2 jars

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