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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

We have selected & grown the most beneficial botanical herbs high in antioxidants, flavonoids & antiviral properties for our 'Bee Haven' herb gardens, which nest within an enchanting forest of potent Phoenix Canariensus date palms.

The Phoenix Palm has been revered for centuries by ayurvedic and middle eastern cultures. Its life-enhancing pollen is extolled in every ancient religious text for having exceptional fertility benefits, aiding the production of male and female sex hormones.

We grow our bees a myriad of medicinal herbs, like Leptospermum Polygalifolium, adding "Manuka Power" to our potion, and Anise Hyssop, for its bronchial benefits.

These powerful plants complement their buffet of Mexican Heather, Lemon Balm, Sage, Alyssium, Lavender, Primula and much more. Carrying an exquisite and peerless flavour through our honeys.

The bees, “Natures Pharmacists“ combine the nectars of these healthy herbs to produce a rich concentrate of “essential“ herbal properties in their honey.

Just as essential oils are beneficial in topical application, our honey has the advantage of taking these properties into our body to support a healthy microbiome.

These unique herbal honeys support the immune system and are highly remedial for winter ailments - bronchial, colds etc. Proudly awarded for TASTE & QUALITY internationally.

In large commercial settings, bees are forced to forage upon monoculture crops which narrows their diet down to a single source and is usually laden with chemicals/pesticides which is one of the biggest factors regarding bee immunity and disease prevention worldwide.

They are also carted around the country in trucks to hit different floral windows to maximize yields, placing further stress and immune deficiency on the poor things.

We go against the commercial grain and grow our bees selected organic medicinal herbs and flowers, allowing a full annual cycle of floral sources so they never need see a truck or battle toxic chemicals.

This peak nutrition negates all need to substitute any sugar supplements. Contrary to common claims, these supplements do make their way into the honeycomb as the bees move stores around the hive.

This is the labour required to have a product that meets our standard and win quality awards.

All our products are proudly packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials and we are continuously working on new ways to reduce our impact on nature.

  • Glass Jars

  • Paper/Cardboard Packaging

  • Biodegradable plant cellulose bubblewrap

If you have any queries on our production methods or apicultural practices please feel free to contact us.

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