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BIO-ACTIVE JELLYBUSH "Manuka" - leptospermum polygalifolium

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Our Jellybush, Leptospermum Polygalifolium is known to be one of the most beneficial species of all the myrtle family, Myrtaceae.

Many Leptospermum that grow in Australia are considered highly beneficial and medicinal.

Studies show that Australian Jellybush honey is at least as medically powerful as New Zealand's manuka honey. Research conducted at the Sydney University of Technology by Nural Cokceti shows that more than 16% of Australian Jellybush honeys tested were actually more potent than the traditional NZ manuka. (Ref1.)

Our plantation has over 3000 of these beautiful flowering trees for the bees to dine on during their floral period of August, September and October. We hope to boost these numbers to create even more potent products for our customers to enjoy.

Known Medical Applications: (Ref2.)

  • Applied topically, manuka honey effectively treats burns, ulcers and non-healing wounds. It has also been shown to combat antibiotic-resistant strains of infections, such as MRSA.

  • Research shows Manuka honey inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria that can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Unlike refined sugar, it has not been shown to cause tooth decay.

  • Manuka honey can help treat sore throats. Research shows it attacks bacteria that causes soreness, especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

  • The research is mixed, but manuka honey’s potent antibacterial effects may help treat gastric ulcers caused by H. pylori bacteria. It may also prevent alcohol-induced gastric ulcers.

  • Manuka honey may decrease inflammation in individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It may also be effective at attacking Clostridium Difficile. A type of bacterial infection that causes severe diarrhea and inflammation of the bowel.

  • Manuka honey has been shown to attack harmful bacteria that cause upper respiratory infections in individuals with cystic fibrosis, but further studies are needed.

  • Manuka honey's ability to treat acne appear favourable given its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.




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