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Last chance to enjoy our unique herbal honeys.

Head to our Bulk Honey page to pick and mix your 8 jar box.

Our bees dine on carefully selected, scientifically researched medicinal herbs & flowers to create a powerhouse of sweet healing nectar!

Awarded for 'Quality & Taste' in the

London International Honey Quality Competition. 

Small-batch production with exclusive availability on each harvest


Become a retailer of Australian world-class honey.

Our range of herb garden honey is available for wholesale in jars or bulk pails, including a variety of flavorful bio-active Manuka.



100% Pure Organic Beeswax.
Our darling diligent bees produce this incredibly versatile, peerless product with a myriad of uses.
Suitable for culinary, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Home: Our Story


By supporting our project you are helping us raise trees and new colonies of bees in a sanctuary designed to provide the ultimate nutrition and wellbeing...
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We are apiarists from Byron Bay, Australia. Five years ago, Gabrielle Morley started a project to collect the pollen from her palm plantation, aware of the potent medicinal properties held by the male flower of the Phoenix canariensus palm tree.


The Phoenix Palm has been revered for centuries by ayurvedic and middle eastern cultures. Its life-enhancing pollen is extolled in every ancient religious text for having exceptional fertility benefits, aiding the production of male and female sex hormones.

On our journey, becoming proficient keepers with an established apiary, we learned that commercial beekeeping and honey

processing is often a corrupt game, creating stressed-out bees, with poor immune systems, that produce low-grade honey, which can contain impurities.

Turns out, that's is one of the fundamental contributing causes of the mysterious, colony collapse disorder and honeybee depopulation. So we have gone against the commercial grain and studied what bees require to achieve peak nutrition, disease immunity, and prolific natural production.


This led us to establish the apicultural utopia we like to call our 'Bee Haven', where we have collectively hand-raised a myriad of medicinal herbs, flowers, and trees for honeybees and native pollinators to forage and thrive upon. 

phoenix canariensus palm plantation

We grow Leptospermum Polygalifolium, to add antibiotic"Manuka Power" to our potion, and Anise Hyssop, for its potent bronchial benefits.

These herbs complement their buffet of Mexican Heather, Lemon Balm, Sage, Alyssium, LavenderPrimula and much more, carrying an exquisite and peerless flavour through our honeys. This plethora of plants is necessary for us because we understand how important it is for bees to have a nutritious diet, high in lipids and amino acids.

We have structured our planting so we have an annual cycle of organic floral sources, removing any need to stress the girls with barbaric transportation in trucks, chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and sugar supplements. Contrary to common claims, these supplements do make their way into the honeycomb as the bees move stores around the hive. All hives are routinely checked for health and honey is all extracted by hand.

bee on leptospermum manuka flower

The bees, “Natures Pharmacists“ combine the nectars of these healthy herbs to produce a rich concentrate of “essential“ herbal properties in their honey. Just as essential oils are beneficial in topical application, our honey has the advantage of taking these properties into our body to support a healthy microbiome and immune system.

Our bees reside in 5-star accommodation, dwelling in ventilated, insulated, antimicrobial, antibacterial, state of the art,

award-winning homes, designed by 9 universities. Just like our product packaging, they are made from recyclable materials and keep our girls happy healthy, and stress-free.

We have now been proudly awarded for 'TASTE & QUALITY' in the 'London International Honey Competition'.


To learn lots about our apiary and the beneficial blossoms it beholds, go INSIDE THE BEE HAVEN!


Gabrielle Morley


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